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Boost your PC’s volume with FxSound!

Formerly known as DFX Audio Enhancer, FxSound is a Windows app designed to improve the sound quality of your device. With the app, users can listen to high-resolution audio without spending any money on speakers or headphones. Once installed, it uses features such as 3D surround, fidelity, and bass enhancer to optimize playback quality within seconds. For anyone who wishes to experience the difference, DFX download comes with a 7-days trial period and 30-days money-back guarantee.

Enjoy the EQ process with custom effects

Most laptops and PCs come with low-quality playback to keep the cost of audio components from skyrocketing. This practice reduces the quality of the audio, which is then further sacrificed when users stream or download media. In that situation, you may need audio processing software to regain higher-fidelity and quality.

FxSound is one such affordable sound booster for PC, which employs custom EQ processes to deliver crystal clear audio, enhanced bass, and better equalization. Users can download DFX to boost volume without distortion and restore the lost quality of any sound.

How do I improve the sound quality?

FxSound Enhancer for PC comes with a 32-bit floating-point processing system with zero latency. Download and install the software to add clarity to your Windows computer. Once installed, the program increases the sound quality of music, videos, radio, games, websites, and more.

The app comes with several presets so that you can listen to enhanced audio without worrying about equalization. Tech-savvy users can easily customize the effects as per their requirements. Apart from utilizing effects, users can discover tunes, find lyrics, and access videos straight from the DFX sound dashboard.

Get the most out of your music with Fx Effects

While the app works in the background to improve the sound quality, users can customize the audio using the effects feature. The FxSound Key consists of different levels of sound like fidelity, 3D surround, dynamic boost, ambiance, and hyper bass. All of these parameters can double the volume of the audio without altering the dynamic range.

The bass and fidelity parameters allow users to change the timbre of the sound and to remove problems in playback. Users can restore amplitude and regenerate low-frequency harmonics using dynamic boost and hyper bass, respectively. Moreover, you can create artificial space by using 3D surround sound and ambiance effects.

Create and monitor presets with Spectrum

The software provides a surround sound experience without impacting the performance of your PC. It allows you to approve which application should be monitored and improved during the installation process. While the interface is minimalistic, it has different features to allow you to create different presets. These presets can be checked using the dynamic sound spectrum analyzer, which displays a meter to check the consistency in sound frequency.

Enhance audio of all applications

This volume booster for PC is available for all Windows, including Windows 10, and supports almost all applications that play any audio. Starting from Edge to VLC media player, to Firefox, to Chrome, FxSound supports all. It doesn’t matter if you play a video on Facebook or YouTube, if it’s on your PC, audio you receive will be of high-quality.

Enjoy a free trial period of FxSound Enhancer Premium

If you’re interested in improving the sound quality of your laptop or PC, you should check out the DFX free download full version, as it’s available for a 7-days trial period. In case you buy the paid version and aren’t happy with the sound quality, you can easily go for a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. In case you’re looking for a software that is simple to use and free, you can check out DeskFx Audio Enhancer or Equalizer APO.

Make your speakers louder with FxSound Enhancer

Anyone who doesn’t like the sound quality of their PC or laptop will benefit from downloading DFX Audio Enhancer, or FxSurround Sound. The audio enhancer software creates high-quality audio using 3D surround, dynamic boost, and other such features. Users can also utilize the explore feature to discover music, videos, and lyrics. Apart from these key features, the app allows you to experience the difference with a free trial period and is a cheaper alternative to buying expensive speakers or other audio enhancing devices.

DFX is a tool to enhance the quality of your music. Much more than a simple sound equalizer, it boasts the following:


  • Supports all applications including YouTube
  • Offers a free trial period and money-back guarantee
  • Optimizes audio using customizable effects
  • Comes with numerous presets


  • Number of effects are limited
  • The interface may seem old-fashioned

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FXSound 13.028 for PC

User reviews about FXSound

  • Sourav Banerjee

    by Sourav Banerjee

    Excellent enhancer , excellent output . Very effective uqually useful both for desktop and laptop .

  • Lisa Warfield

    by Lisa Warfield

    It does what I needed it to do for transcription work. I like the fact that it raised the volume as I needed it to do due to my audio More

  • Ahmed Fouad

    by Ahmed Fouad

    best application ever ................................................

  • Khurram Ishaque

    by Khurram Ishaque

    well, really liked the features. installed and it worked smoothly

  • Al Whittle

    by Al Whittle

    total cr*p.
    I think this is total cr*p with the constant interruptions prompting full purchase... I do not recommend this at all

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    It works awesome!.
    I was suffering with low sound for quite a long time,this software really increased the sound manifestlly evenMore

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